Jack and his wife lived in Arizona where the summers are very hot. He woke up one day when they were having a heat wave. As he stepped out of the shower he complained to his wife saying, “it’s just too hot to wear any clothes on a day like this. What would the neighbors think if I mowed the lawn with no clothes.”

“That I married you only for your money.”

Vocabulary Help

  • clothes – roupas
  • complain – reclamar
  • hot – quente
  • lawn – gramado
  • marry – casar
  • neighbors – vizinhos
  • say – dizer
  • shower – chuveiro
  • step out – sair
  • summer – verão
  • wake (wake, woke, woken) up – acordar
  • wear (wear, wore, worn) – usar
  • wife – esposa