One day, two women dog owners are arguing about whose dog is smarter.

The first woman says, “My dog’s so smart, every morning he waits for the paper boy to come around and then he takes the newspaper and brings it to me.”

The second woman replies, “I know”.

The first woman is surprised and asks, “How do you know?”

The second woman says, “My dog told me.”

Vocabulary Help

  • bring (bring, brought, brought) – trazer
  • dog owner – proprietário de cão
  • How do you know? – Como você sabe?
  • know (know, knew, known) – saber
  • My dog told me – Meu cão me disse
  • paper boy – jornaleiro
  • reply – responder
  • smart/smarter – esperto/mais esperto
  • wait – esperar