A motorist was driving down a rural dirt road when he came upon a stream. He called out to a man walking by, “Do you think I can drive my car through the stream?”

“I suppose you can,” said the man.

So the driver started across, but within seconds, his car sank, and he barely escaped with his life.

“You lied to me!” the driver screamed at the passerby. “That stream is at least ten feet deep!”

“That’s funny. It only reaches up to the middle of the ducks.”

Vocabulary Help

  • barely – por pouco
  • drive (drive, drove, driven) – dirigir
  • funny – engraçado
  • lie – mentir
  • life – vida
  • middle of the ducks – meio dos patos
  • rural dirt road – estrada de terra na zona rural
  • scream – gritar
  • sink (sink, sank, sunk) – afundar
  • stream – ricaho
  • through – através