A drunken man gets on the bus late one night, staggers up the aisle, and sits next to an elderly woman.

She looks the man up and down and says, “I’ve got news for you. You’re going straight to hell!”

The man jumps up out of his seat and shouts, “Man, I’m on the wrong bus!”

Vocabulary Help

  • aisle – corredor
  • bus – ônibus
  • drunken man – hoomem bêbado
  • elderly woman – senhora idosa
  • jump up out of his seat – pula do assento
  • late – tarde
  • look up and down – olhar de cima a baixo
  • news – novidades
  • shout – gritar
  • sit next to – sentar-se ao lado de
  • stagger – cambalear
  • straight to hell – direto para o inferno
  • wrong – errado