I was in Target shopping with my daughter, who was around 5 at the time and would often make up spontaneous songs.

This particular time she began to chant in a sing-song voice “I saw mommy and daddy having sex.”

I’m mortified, other shoppers are staring as if I just blew the stinkest fart. Trying to explain to strangers that I don’t have sex in front of my child is not gonna work.

So I ask her in a conversational tone, but a tad louder, “what is having sex?”

She says to my relief “when daddy kisses mommy on her head.”

I reply, “what else?”

“Thats all” she says. That’s my husband’s goodbye to me each morning. I felt so vindicated and looked slightly smug at those judgemental looks.

Vocabulary Help

  • blew the stinkiest fart – soltei o peido mais fedorento
  • chant – cantar
  • daughter – filha
  • I saw mommy and daddy having sex – Eu vi a mamãe e o papai fazendo sexo
  • judgmental looks – olhares julgadores
  • often – frequentemente
  • other shoppers – outros compradores
  • relief – alívio
  • shop – fazer compras
  • smug – presunçoso, orgulhoso
  • songs – músicas
  • stare – encarar
  • tad louder – um pouco mais alto
  • Target – nome de uma loja de departamentos
  • That’s my husband’s goodbye to me each morning – É a despedida do meu marido para mim toda manhã
  • vindicated – vingada
  • when daddy kisses mommy on her head – quando o papai beija a mamãe na cabeça
  • who was around 5 – que tinha cerca de 5 anos