At a swimming pool: Three guys climb a high-dive tower and meet a good fairy who offers to fulfill a wish for each of them. One jumps and says, “Beer!” – and the pool is full of beer. The other one jumps, says, “Money!” and the pool is full of money. The last one starts to jump but slips and, falling, yells, “SHIIIIIIT!!!”

Vocabulary Help

  • beer – cerveja
  • climb – escalar, subir
  • each of them – a cada um deles
  • good fairy – boa fada
  • high-dive tower – torre para mergulhos altos
  • jump – pular
  • meet (meet, met, met) – encontrar
  • say – dizer
  • shit – m…
  • slip – escorregar
  • swimming pool – piscina
  • wish – desejo