On opening his new store, a man received a bouquet of flowers. He became dismayed on reading the enclosed card, that it expressed “Deepest Sympathy”. While puzzling over the message, his telephone rang. It was the florist, apologizing for having sent the wrong card.

“Oh, it’s alright.” said the storekeeper. “I’m a businessman and I understand how these things can happen.”

“But,” added the florist, “I accidentally sent your card to a funeral party.”

“Well, what did it say?” ask the storekeeper.

“‘Congratulations on your new location’.” was the reply.

Vocabulary Help

  • apologize – desculpar
  • businessman – homem de negócios
  • deepest – profunda
  • dismayed – triste, desconsolado
  • open – abrir
  • puzzle over – quebrar a cabeça, pensar
  • receive – receber
  • reply – resposta
  • ring (ring, rang, rung) – tocar
  • store – loja
  • wrong – errado