Last Thanksgiving, my mom decided to play a trick on my sister (who’s blonde). To get her out of the house, she convinced her that we needed more half and half for the coffee.

While my sister was out, my mom took the turkey out of the oven, removed the stuffing, stuffed a Cornish hen, then put it inside the turkey, packing stuffing all around it. She then put the turkey back in the oven.

When everything was ready, my sister took the turkey out of the oven and began to remove the stuffing. When she felt something, she reached in and pulled out the Cornish hen.

Pretending to be shocked, by mother exclaimed, “Patti, you’ve cooked a pregnant turkey!”

My sister began to cry and was inconsolable. It took us half an hour to convince her that turkeys lay eggs!

Vocabulary Help

  • Cornish hen – galinha da Cornualha
  • cry – chorar
  • inconsolable – inconsolável
  • It took us half an hour to convince her that turkeys lay eggs! – Gastamos meia hora para convencê-la de que perus botam ovos!
  • oven – forno
  • Patti, you’ve cooked a pregnant turkey! – Patti, você cozinhou uma perua grávida!
  • play a trick – pregar uma peça
  • Practical joke – pegadinha, trote
  • pretend – fingir
  • stuffing – recheio
  • Thanksgiving – Dia de Ação de Graças
  • turkey – peru
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