Two blondes decided that this Christmas they wanted to cut down their own Christmas tree. So they drove two hours into the country and walked deep into the woods to find the perfect Christmas tree. They had planned the trip well, especially considering that they were blond. They were dressed warmly with boots, warm coats and hats. They had a chain saw, hatchet, a bag to protect the tree and rope to drag it back to their car. Every detail was covered.

They searched and searched. They had gone to all this trouble, nothing but the perfect tree would do. They searched for hours through knee deep snow and biting wind. Finally, five hours later with the sun beginning to go down, one blonde says to the other, “I can’t take this anymore. I give up! There are hundreds of beautiful trees out here. Let’s just pick one whether it’s decorated or not!”

Vocabulary Help

  • biting wind – vento cortante
  • blonde – loura
  • chain saw – serra elétrica
  • country – campo
  • cut down their own Christmas tree – cortar sua própria árvore de natal
  • dressed warmly – vestidas com roupas quentes
  • drive (drive, drove, driven) – dirigir
  • hatchet – machado
  • I can’t take this anymore – Eu não aguento mais
  • I give up! – Eu desisto
  • knee deep snow – neve até nos joelhos
  • pick one – pegar uma
  • rope – corda
  • sun – sol
  • trip – viagem
  • walked deep into the woods – entraram fundo na mata
  • warm coats – coletes quentes