A businessman walked into the New York airport, carrying his briefcase and two suitcases. He went up to the checkin window to – naturally – check in. The cashier asked,”And where will you and your luggage be flying today, sir?”

He replied,”Well, I’m flying to Denver, but,” pointing at each item of luggage in sequence,”I want this sent to Seattle, this sent to Los Angeles, and this sent to Miami.”

The cashier blinked, somewhat taken aback, and eventually managed to say,”I’m afraid we can’t do that for you, sir.”

To which the businessman replied,”Why not? You did the last time.”

Vocabulary Help

  • baggage – bagagem
  • businessman – homem de negócios
  • briefcase – maleta executiva
  • suitcase – mala
  • send (send, sent, sent) – enviar
  • cashier – atendente, caixa
  • blink – piscar
  • taken aback – surpreso
  • I’m afraid – temo que
  • last time – última vez