A Baptist Minister and a Catholic Priest were seated next to each other on a plane, which, as happens in all good jokes, crashes in the swamps of Florida.

Following the crash, the Priest is standing amongst the rubble and debris trying to assess the situation, when he sees the Minister seemingly making the sign of the cross.

Quite pleased, the Priest sloshes over and says, “Well, sir, I see this brush with Death has made a true Believer of you!”

The Minister replies, “To the contrary, old buddy, I’m just checking: Spectacles, testicles, wallet, and watch. All present and accounted for!”

Vocabulary Help

  • amongst – entre, no meio de
  • assess – avaliar
  • brush with Death – encontro de perto com a morte
  • crash – queda, batida
  • debris – estilhaços, pedaços do avião
  • happen – acontecer
  • joke – piada
  • next to each other – próximos um ao outro
  • over – por cima
  • plane – avião
  • Priest – padre
  • rubble – ruína
  • seemingly – aparentemente
  • see (see, saw, seen) – ver
  • sign of the cross – sinal da cruz
  • sloshes – andar fazendo o barulho de sapatos encharcados
  • swamp – pântano