“Mummy, Mummy! Where are you?” cried the little boy on the promenade.

“You poor little boy,” said an elderly lady. “Come with me and I’ll get you an ice cream and then we’ll go and look for your mummy.”

“I know where your mummy is,” said a small girl.

“Shush!” whispered the little boy. “I know where she is, too, but I’ve managed to get two free ice creams this morning, and I want a third!”

Vocabulary Help

  • come with me – venha comigo
  • cry – gritar, chorar
  • elderly lady – senhora idosa
  • ice cream – sorvete
  • little boy – criancinha
  • look for – procurar
  • managed to get – conseguir
  • morning – manhã
  • mummy – mamãe
  • poor – pobre
  • promenade – calçada, passeio
  • shush – silêncio, quieta
  • small girl – garotinha
  • want – querer