The editor of a small weekly newspaper, annoyed at legislation that had recently been passed, ran a scathing editorial under the headline: HALF OF OUR LEGISLATORS ARE CROOKS.

Many prominent local politicians were outraged, and tremendous pressure was exerted on him to retract the statement.

He finally succumbed to the pressure and ran an apology with the headline: HALF OF OUR LEGISLATORS ARE NOT CROOKS.

Vocabulary Help

  • annoy – aborrecer
  • apology – desculpa
  • been passed – aprovada
  • exert – exercer
  • Half of our legislators are crooks – metade de nossos legisladores são vigaristas
  • Half of our legislators are not crooks – metade de nossos legisladores não são vigaristas
  • headline – título
  • outraged – indignado
  • politician – político
  • retract – retirar
  • run (run, ran, run) – correr, veicular
  • scathing – mordaz
  • statement – afirmação
  • weekly newspaper – jornal semanal 

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