25 Ways to Distinguish yourself – Part 1

by Rajesh Setty

Why should you distinguish yourself?

Short answer: Being part of the commodity crowd erodes your value. Long answer: Technology professionals worldwide are getting caught in a tsunami of massive commoditization. Technologies are changing very fast. What seemed hot today is not hot anymore.

There is a constant pressure to give more, be more effective, be more efficient and be more productive. This forces most technology professionals to go after “short-term skills”. Of course, going after “short-term skills” will provide “short-term results” but will hurt them in the “long-run”.

Competency in technical skills is necessary to succeed in this world but they are not sufficient to thrive. The question is what can one do differently so that he or she can distinguish and move above the commodity crowd? The goal of this manifesto is to provide 25 ways to do just that.

Bonus: You have reached where you are by doing whatever you have done so far. If you need to leapfrog and succeed beyond dreams, continuing to do whatever you have done in the past may not be the answer. You need to think and be different. In other words, you need to distinguish yourself!

Vocabulary Help

  • answer – resposta
  • beyond – além
  • change – mudar
  • crowd – multidão
  • fast – rápido
  • get caught – ser preso
  • give (give, gave, given) – dar
  • hot – quente
  • hurt – ferir, afetar
  • leapfrog – saltar
  • long-run – longo prazo
  • reach – alcançar
  • seem – parecer
  • short-term skills – habilidades de curto prazo
  • so far – até agora
  • succeed – ser bem sucedido
  • think (think, thought, thought) – pensar
  • thrive – prosperar, ter sucesso
  • world – mundo
  • worldwide – mundo afora