There is a new virus going around called WORK. If you receive any sort of WORK, whether via e-mail, Internet, or simply handed to you by a colleague, do not open it. Those who have opened WORK have found that their social life is deleted and their brain ceases to function properly.

If you do encounter WORK via e-mail or are faced with any WORK at all, purge the virus by sending an e-mail to your boss with the words ‘This is too much for me, I’m going out for a soda. This better not be here when I get back.’

Your brain should automatically delete the WORK. If you receive WORK in paper document form, simply lift the document and drag the WORK to your trash can.

Send this message to all your friends in your address book. If you do not have anyone in your address book, then the WORK virus has already corrupted your life!

Vocabulary Help

  • going around – circulando
  • receive – receber
  • any sort – de qualquer tipo
  • handed to you – entregue a você
  • open – abrir
  • brain – cérebro
  • cease – parar, encerrar
  • faced with – deparar-se com
  • purge – apagar, limpar
  • boss – chefe
  • too much for me – muito para mim
  • go out – sair
  • get back – retornar
  • lift – levantar
  • drag – arrastar
  • trash can – lata de lixo
  • address book – livro de endereços

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