The farmers of a commune are gathered together by some officials for an announcement. The government spokesman steps up and announces that production is up, tractors are being manufactured in record quantities and the economy is wonderful. He then asks if there are any questions.

A farmer named Perchek raises his hand.

“Yes, Comrade, a question. If everything is so wonderful, why are we hungry, ill-housed and ill-clothed?”

“An excellent question” comes the reply. I will ask it to my superiors and return to you with an answer.”

Three months later, the farmers are once again gathered and the same type of news is announced.

The spokesman again asks if there are questions.

“Yes,” says one farmer. “Where is Perchek?”

Vocabulary Help

  • commune – comuna
  • gathered together – reunidos
  • spokesman – porta voz
  • wonderful – maravilhosa
  • hungry – famintos
  • ill-housed – mal alojados
  • ill-clothed – com roupas ruins
  • reply – resposta
  • farmer – fazendeiro

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