The man pulled over to the side of the road when he saw the police lights in his rear view mirror.

“How long have you been riding around without a tail light?” asked the officer.

“Oh, no!” screamed the man, jumping out of the car.

“Calm down, it isn’t that serious.” said the officer.

“Wait’ll my family finds out.”

“Where’s your family?”

“They’re in the trailer that was hitched to the car!”

Vocabulary Help

  • calm down – acalme-se
  • find out – descobrir
  • hitched to the car – conectado ao carro
  • police lights – luzes do carro de polícia
  • pull over – estacionar
  • rear view mirror – espelho retrovisor
  • road – estrada
  • scream – gritar
  • tail light – luz traseira