A man is driving with his wife at his side and his mother-in-law in the backseat. The women just won’t leave him alone. His mother-in-law says, “You’re driving too fast!” His wife says, “Stay more to the left.”

After ten mixed orders, the man turns to his wife and asks, “Who’s driving this car? You or your mother?”

Vocabulary Help

  • at his side – ao seu lado
  • backseat – banco de trás
  • drive (drive, drove, driven) – dirigir
  • mixed orders – ordens misturadas, conflituosas
  • mother-in-law – sogra
  • Stay more to the left – Fique mais para a esquerda
  • Who’s driving this car? – Quem está dirigindo este carro?
  • wife – esposa
  • You’re driving too fast! – Você está dirigindo muito rápido!