A man called up a bible believing church and the church secretary answered the call. The man on the other end of the line said,

— I’d like to speak to the head hog.

The secretary replied,

— That wasn’t a very nice thing to say about our beloved minister, Rev. Jones.

Again the man replied,

— I’d like to speak to the head hog, because I’m going to donate £75,000.00 to the church.

She replied,

— Hold on a moment, I think the big fat pig just walked in.

Vocabulary Help

  • answer – responder
  • believe – acreditar
  • call up – telefonar
  • church – igreja
  • fat – gordo
  • head hog – porcalhão chefe
  • pig – porco
  • reply – responder
  • speak (speak, spoke, spoken) – falar, conversar
  • walk in – entrar