When a woman I know turned 99 years old, I went to her birthday party and took some photos. A few days later, I brought the whole batch of prints to her so she could choose her favorite. “Good Lord,” she said as she was flipping through them, “I look like I’m a hundred.”

Vocabulary Help

  • birthday party – festa de aniversário
  • bring (bring, brought, brought) – trazer
  • choose (choose, chose, chosen) – escolher
  • flip – folhear
  • go (go, went, gone) – ir
  • I look like I’m a hundred – Parece que eu tenho cem anos
  • later – mais tarde
  • take (take, took, taken) – tirar
  • through – através
  • turned 99 years old – completou 99 anos de idade
  • woman – mulher