Once I worked as an operator on an old IBM 370/Model 138 mainframe at a local college. My position had been reclassified to fall into a new area outside of the I/S staff.

One day, my new supervisor entered the room and stared at the air conditioning unit directly behind me. He studied the two flashing lights for a few moments and asked what job it was currently processing.

I killed my career by replying, “Actually, sir, it’s cooling the room. The computer is over there.”

Vocabulary Help

  • old – velho
  • mainframe – computador de grande porte
  • stare – olhar com atenção, com olhos bem abertos, encarar
  • air conditioning unit – unidade de ar condicionado
  • behind – atrás
  • flashing lights – luzes piscantes
  • kill – matar
  • career – carreira
  • reply – responder
  • cooling the room – resfriando a sala