Smile pleasantly at people you see in public

By Shava Nerad

Smile pleasantly at people you see in public, and maintain an open heart and affect. You’d be amazed how many people smile back, even in a big city.

I have been a street performer, as a storyteller, musician/singer, and even as a magician’s “beautiful assistant” — so although I’m something of a natural introvert, I’m not shy, and I’ve learned the value of connecting with strangers. The benefits far outweigh the risks.

Look – essentially you’re doing it right now! 😉

If you are really bold, collect people – their stories, even the sad ones. Feeling connected to humanity is an amazing thing, and sadly contrarian in modern western society. And it’s free! No wonder no one promotes it. 😉


Vocabulary Help

  • although – embora
  • amazed – surpreso
  • bold – ousado, corajoso
  • open heart – coração aberto
  • outweigh – suplantar, superar
  • people – pessoas
  • pleasantly – agradavelmente
  • sad – triste
  • see (see, saw, seen) – ver
  • shy – tí­mido
  • singer – cantor
  • smile – sorrir
  • storyteller – contador de histórias
  • street performer – artista de rua
  • wonder – admiração