The teacher requested that all students wrote a composition on the theme “Mother: there is only one”.

The students were given 45 minutes to develop the theme, but 15 minutes later little Johnny announced he had finished writing the composition.

The surprised teacher asked him to read his work.

And so he did:

“My mother asked me to check how many cokes were left in the refrigerator. I went to the kitchen, opened the refrigerator door and said:

— Mother, there is only one!

Vocabulary Help

  • request – pedir, solicitar
  • write (write, wrote, written) – escrever
  • theme – tema, assunto
  • develop – desenvolver
  • finish – terminar
  • read (read, read, read) – ler
  • work – trabalho
  • check – verificar
  • kitchen – cozinha
  • door – porta

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