A doctor asked a lawyer at a big party: “Damn, these people seize advantage of me being outside my office and consult me here instead of taking appointment at the hospital. It would be rude to tell them to visit my office. What should I do?”.

The lawyer replied. “Ask the host for a copy of the guest list, and once you have the names, send first consultancy bills to their addresses.”

The doctor said “Yeah that’s a good idea. I would do that if the situation gets out of hand.”

It did.

The next day, the doctor prepared bills for each of the guests who asked for his medical advice. He initially hesitated, but after a few days he decided to go through with it. He was about to leave when he received a bill from the post man. It was from the lawyer.

Vocabulary Help

  • about to leave – quase saindo
  • bill – conta
  • consultancy bills – conta de consultoria
  • gets out of hand – sair do controle
  • guest list – lista de convidados
  • host – anfitrião
  • lawyer – advogado
  • medical advice – orientação médica
  • post mana – carteiro
  • seize advantage of – aproveitar-se de