A blonde, tired of being made fun of and determined to end it all, grabs a rope and heads out to the park, where there are lots of trees.

A couple of hours later a man is walking by and sees the blonde, hanging from a tree by the waist.

“Can I help you with something, miss?” asks the man.

“No thanks. I’ve just had it with the world and with everyone making fun of me, so I’m hanging myself.” replies the blonde.

“Well, you’ve got to put the rope around your neck if you want to do that,” offers the man helpfully.

“Well, I tried that,” says the blonde, “but I couldn’t breathe.”

Vocabulary Help

  • be made fun of – ser alvo de gozação
  • blond – loura
  • couple of hours later – algumas horas mais tarde
  • grab – agarrar
  • hang from a tree – pendurada em uma árvore
  • head out – sair em direção a algum lugar
  • I couldn’t breath – Eu não podia respirar
  • I’m hanging myself – Estou me enforcando
  • neck – pescoço
  • reply – responder
  • rope – corda
  • see (see, saw, seen) – ver
  • tired – cansado
  • tree – árvore
  • walk by – passar por
  • wrist – pulso