In a primary school, teacher is asking children, who do they want to be in the future. So every child says a job like a doctor, a nurse, a taxi driver, a football player….and so on….

So the turn comes to a lazy kid and the teacher asks the same question “Who do you want to be when you grow up?”

Slowly he says: “I want to be a Santa Claus….”

“Why?” the teacher says…

“You people are strange,… a Santa Claus only works for a week in a year and on the holidays for the rest…”

Vocabulary Help

  • ask – perguntar
  • child – criança
  • holidays – férias
  • lazy – preguiçoso
  • nurse – enfermeira
  • people – pessoas
  • Santa Claus – Papai Noel
  • slowly – lentamente
  • taxi driver – motorista de taxi
  • teacher – professor
  • week – semana
  • who they want to be in the future? – quem eles querem ser no futuro