A husband had a doctor’s appointment and asked his wife to accompany him. After the doctor thoroughly examined the husband, he spoke to the wife.

The doctor said, “Your husband has a – life-threatening illness that needs special treatment and if he doesn’t get it, he could die”.

The wife replied: “What is it? What can I can do to help my husband recover?”

The doctor said:

  • Every day you must make him a good breakfast and send him off to work in a pleasant frame of mind;
  • Fix him a healthy lunch, when he comes home at noon and give him lots of peace and quiet.
  • When he comes home at night, have a wonderful meal already prepared with all of his favorite foods. Don’t ever ask him to help with household chores and don’t complain or upset him in any way;
  • Make sure that he is sexually satisfied several times a week.In time, your husband will be fully recovered if you follow each of these steps.

When the husband and wife were driving home, the husband turned to his wife and asked: “What did the doctor say to you about my – check-up?”

“You’re gonna die”, she replied.

Vocabulary Help

  • complain – reclamar
  • die – morrer
  • frame of mind – estado de espirito
  • healthy – saudavel
  • household chores – tarefas da casa
  • life-threatening illness – doenca grave
  • lunch – almoco
  • noon – meio-dia
  • peace and quiet – paz e tranquilidade
  • recover – recuperar
  • thoroughly – completo, detalhado
  • upset – aborrecer