A doctor was called in to see a rather testy aristocrat.

“Well, sir, what’s the matter?” he asked cheerily.

“That, sir,” growled the patient, “is for you to find out.”

“I see,” said the doctor thoughtfully. “Well, if you’ll excuse me for an hour or so I’ll go along and fetch a friend of mine – a veterinarian. He is the only chap I know who can make a diagnosis without asking questions.”

Vocabulary Help

  • chap – sujeito
  • cheerily – alegremente
  • fetch – pegar, buscar
  • find out – descobrir
  • friend – amigo
  • growl – rosnar
  • questions – perguntas
  • rather testy – bastante arrogante
  • see (see, saw, seen) – ver
  • thoughtfully – pensativamente
  • what’s the matter – qual o problema
  • without – sem