One day George grew very sick. As his wife approached him he looked up and smiled. She began to cry but she tried to hold back her tears.

When she built up her courage she said: “George, during the 47 years that we were married, I was always with you. During the flood that destroyed the house, I was with you. When you had heart surgery, I was with you. When our financial problems were depressing you, I was with you. When the fire burnt down our house, I was with you. And now that you are about to die, I am with you.”

The man nodded his head and replied in a soft weak voice: “You were with me all those times Mildred. Maybe you are just bad luck.”

Vocabulary Help

  • faithful – fiel
  • sick – doente
  • flood – inundação
  • heart surgery – cirurgia cardíaca
  • fire – fogo
  • burn (burn, burnt, burnt) – queimar
  • nod – balançar
  • you are just bad luck – você dá azar

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